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Architectural Design
Interior Design

We start every project from a blank page and listen first to the desires and expectations of the customer . When all details are clear and style , location  and budget are known we start with a very quick and basic project . 


This basic project will feature floorplans , lay-out , positioning the house on the plot and also a first 3D image / sketch of the property. We provide the above approx 3-4 weeks after our meeting where we discussed all criteria and requirements.

When the basic project has been approved we move on with the final / official architectural plans and Engineering to present to the townhall. 


We take care of all these steps in the process and liase with your lawyer and yourselves until licenses have been granted and we can start with the construction of the property.

Before the construction we have carried out a full Geotecnical study / research on the plot to make sure we can build to the highest standards.


From the moment we received the building license and all permits we start with the construction of the property.

​All constructions carried out by ourselves are build to the highest standards when it comes to insulation ( accoustic and thermal insulation ) . Double glass windows in aluminum frames​ .


We include in most of our properties full AC system throughout , electric shutters , fully fitted kitchen with all electric goods integrated to keep clean lines inside the house. , We include a private pool and have plenty of outside terrace to enjoy the lovely weather Spain has to offer.

As we believe that there is much more then only the appearance from the outside we are specialists in helping people with choosing materials , furniture and decorating the inside of the house.

Due to our relationship with high end / quality furniture suppliers and the knowlegde and experience in the interior decoration business we are at your disposal to make your house look "amazing" 

if required we can make a complete interior design in 3D to make you understand even better how it will look like , even before we have started with the construction.

This way we can offer you a full service including the design of the property on the outside but match it also with the interior 

Feel free to ask us any questions about how we can help with the design and decoration

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